Of all the parts of a building people think the least of, it is probably the roof. How often do you think to clean the roof, after all? The closest most people get is cleaning the gutters, and few people are willing to do even that regularly. Unfortunately, neglecting to maintain a roof can prove incredibly costly and even dangerous.


Most people understand the need to maintain the outside of the building just as much as the inside. Washed walls and windows help to make a business or home inviting. The roof, however, tends to be ignored or forgotten when it comes to regularly cleaning and maintenance. As stated earlier, this can be dangerous. For one, a dirty roof can allow for the accumulation of mold, mildew, and even algae. In fact, if you have ever seen black streaks on a roof, there’s a good chance that it’s a type of algae growing up there.


This black alga can creep down walls and damage shingles. Damaged, moist shingles will allow for the formation of molds and mildew. Those molds and mildew can cause further damage and also create poor air that can harm employees and customers. Not only that, water damage can threaten the structural integrity of a building.


Seasonal concerns need to be taken into account as well. In the fall, leaves can build up on the roof to create moist spots that can form holes and molds. They can also attract animals looking for nesting materials. Rainwater in the spring and fall can form stagnant pools on flat roofs, which can attract disease carrying insects. Water collection can also seep into the building. In the winter, large buildups of snow can weigh down a roof and cause it to buckle or creak. Melting snow can seep in through the roof as well, and icicles might form around the gutters, which can fall and hurt people.


For all these reasons, it’s an excellent idea to make sure the roof is properly cleaned. Since most people don’t like going on the roof, and with not unsound reasons, its best left to the professionals. Professional roof cleaners have the skills and expertise to safely and effectively clean roofs. They can handle algae, water buildup, and any other debris and buildup that might occur on a roof.


Regardless of the time of year or the need, regular roof cleaning is always a good idea. It’s one of those chores in life that you don’t want to do, like cleaning behind the washer and dryer, but it still needs to be done. In order to make sure it is done regularly and safely, professional roof cleaners are an ideal solution. Not only is it safer for them to handle the job than for you to do it, but by hiring the professionals your roof will be cleaned regularly and not neglected. A neglected roof is a potentially dangerous roof. In order to ensure a clean and maintained roof, hiring professional roof cleaners is a good idea.

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